Gain more choice and control over the care you receive and the person who provides that care.

We work with Medicaid and County-based Children’s Services.

Medicaid offers older adults and adults with disabilities the option of self-directing their long-term care services and supports. Families may also choose to self-direct services through county-based children’s services. We work together with managed care organizations and counties to provide supports for your home care needs.

Self-directed services offer you more choice and control over the care you or your loved one receive, and more choice and control over the person who provides that care. You select, train and manage their daily work schedule, and sign-off on their timesheet.

As your Fiscal/Employer Agent, Consumer Direct Wisconsin will establish you as an employer, process caregiver paperwork and payroll and employee and employer taxes. This allows you the most choice, flexibility, control and independence. You may also choose the Agency with Choice or “co-employer” option sharing the employer responsibility with Consumer Direct.

We provide the right tools so you can succeed in managing your supports and achieve your goals. On an ongoing basis, Consumer Direct will assist with tasks such as:

  • Facilitating caregiver background checks
  • Caregiver record retention
  • Processing time sheet and issuing paychecks
  • Withholding and filing employer and caregiver related payroll taxes
  • Ensuring Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Coverage
  • Compliance with Federal and State rules and regulations
  • Providing spending summaries (On-line access available)

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