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8. BEFORE YOU COME IN NOVEMBER: Vote on Nov 8! Be sure to stop by your local voting place on November 8 to cast your ballot before heading to the conference. Be sure to allow for plenty of time, because it is a national election and there may be lines at the polls.

7. COME TO THE PRE-CONFERENCE: Head to the Self-Determination Pre-Conference in the Wisconsin Dells. Sessions start at 3 pm.

Choose from the following topics: (Don’t forget to pre-register)

  • Creating a Meaningful Life Learn about ways you can have a full life.
  • Before 18 Learn about some new interactive tools to support youth successfully transition to adult life.
  • Apps and Extensions for Everyone! Explore free apps to make information accessible and life easier. (We encourage you to bring your laptop or smart device.)

6. ELECTION NIGHT NOV. 8: Join us for the kick-off event: IT’S YOUR PARTY! Watch the election results with us! Enjoy a meal with friends and learn more about the issues facing the disability community in 2017.

5. AT THE CONFERENCE NOV. 9-10: Meet our special Keynote speaker, Keith Jones. As a black man with a disability, Keith has many experiences and insights to share with us on disability, diversity and inclusion.

4. COUNT ME IN! We have a lot we can learn from others of diverse backgrounds  about the challenges they see in their communities and how they are working to overcome the barriers. Many stories! Many learning opportunities!

3. Work, Community, Support, Transition, Money and More! So much to learn!

2. Just for fun and Enrichment: Parks and Recreation, Paralympics, Drumming and Improv; just to name a few topics to enrich your community involvement.

1. Well we can’t tell you everything! As always you can COUNT ON some surprises along the way! So don’t miss out on being a part of this very special community!

The Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference empowers people with disabilities in Wisconsin to have more control over their lives. This year’s theme is Count Me In! Join us as we explore ways you can and do make a difference.

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More than 600 people each year participate in the conference to learn more about self-determination so they can live independently, be members of their communities, and use public funds efficiently. The conference participants include people with disabilities and their family members, direct care providers, and professionals from Wisconsin’s disability community.