African American woman waving to people on a webinar.

Northwood Technical College kicks off the 2021-2022 Virtual Caregiver Conference series Friday, September 24. This online event focuses on the theme Understanding Your Needs as a Caregiver and features six sessions presented by dementia care and training specialist, Teepa Snow. Register to attend today!



9-9:50am – Why do they do that? Understanding symptoms and behaviors in dementia

10-10:50am – Understanding the different dementias

11-11:50am – Understanding yourself as a caregiver and what you need

12-1pm – Lunch break

1-1:50pm – Pain and dementia – how to recognize and intervene when pain is a possibility

2-2:50pm – Learning the art of being an advocate and partner

3-3:50pm – Learning the difference between letting go and giving up