Electronic Visit Verification Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

A: Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a technology-based system used by caregivers to clock in and out. It electronically documents the precise time a service delivery visit begins and ends. Wisconsin requires EVV for Medicaid-covered personal care and some supportive home care services.

For more EVV specific information, please refer to our website, www.consumerdirectwi.com and select EVV under the Resources tab.

A: We began using the EVV system November 2, 2020. Starting January 1, 2022, caregivers must use EVV for each shift. Caregivers will no longer be paid for shifts without a matching EVV record. EVV is mandatory for all non live-in employees providing services for a EVV mandated service code (S5125, S5126, T1019, or T1020). EVV is federally mandated per the 21st Century Cures Act EVV requirement.

A: Members, managing parties, and employees should direct their concerns to the Wisconsin EVV Customer Care at via phone 833-931-2035 or email ydxc.contactevv@wisconsin.gov Monday through Friday 7am-6pm CST.

A: Yes, please continue to submit employee work time via the MyDirectCare portal or a paper timesheet. EVV clock in and clock out is in addition to the timesheet submission.

A: Consumer Direct Care Network’s Company ID is STX 91513.

A: There are three approved ways to submit EVV shifts:

  • Mobile Visit Verification (MVV): This requires a smart phone or device with location services and the Sandata Mobile Connect app can be downloaded from the App store (iPhone) or Play store (Android). Employees will use the mobile app at time of clock in and clock out.
  • Telephone Visit Verification (TVV): Employees will use the member’s landline located in their home to call in at time of clock in and clock out.
  • Fixed Visit Verification (FVV): a device will be sent to the member’s home, please contact case manager for approval of this method

A: Please visit our website, www.consumerdirectwi.com and go to the Resources tab and select Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Resources. You can also visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website.

A: No, live-in caregivers are exempt from using EVV and will only need to submit their web portal time entry or paper timesheet to Consumer Direct Care Network.

A: If the employee is not a live-in caregiver and provides services under these codes: S5125, S5126, T1019, or T1020, the employee is required to submit their work time via EVV and a paper timesheet or web portal entry.

A: Yes, a member can use the MVV option with one employee and use TVV with a different employee if all employees do not have access to a smart device.

Registration Questions

A: The employees will need their unique ID assigned by the state to use the MVV, TVV and FVV methods. The only option that requires the employee to register is the MVV/Sandata Mobile Connect.

A: The mobile app can be used after registering with your unique ID provided to the employees in the welcome email from the state starting 11/2/2020.

A: If you have not received your welcome email, please continue to turn in your online portal or paper timesheet on time. Consumer Direct Care Network has uploaded all active employer information to the state and there has been a slight delay in welcome emails being sent. Please continue to monitor your email inbox frequently. Once you have received your welcome email please begin using EVV.

Logging and Approving Time Questions

Instructions on how to use the three options to submit time can be found on www.consumerdirectwi.com under Resources by selecting the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Resources page.

A: Each employee will need Consumer Direct Care Network’s Company ID: STX 91513, Username, and Password. Each employee will receive a welcome email with registration information for MVV along with a temporary password.

  1. I forgot to clock in/clock out
  2. My phone or tablet was not working
  3. The App is not working
  4. I don’t have a phone or tablet
  5. My member had an emergency
  6. I clocked in/out at the wrong time

A: When issues arise, and you are unable to clock in/out, an adjustment to the shift will need to be made. Please contact Consumer Direct Care Network, infoCDWI@consumerdirectcare.com or 877-785-9991 for assistance.

A: Yes, the member must review and approve each shift submitted on the mobile app in addition to web portal time entry or paper timesheet.

A: Time needs to be approved at the end of each shift for MVV and the employee needs to call in at time of clock in and clock out for TVV and FVV methods. Remember: the member will need to continue to approve time on MyDirectCare web portal or sign off on a paper timesheets. Web portal entries and paper timesheets are due at midnight on Monday for the previous work week. Please visit our website to find a copy of the payroll calendar. The payroll calendar is located under Payroll Related Forms and Instructions on our Forms page.

A: If the employee is providing services under an EVV required service code (S5125, S5126, T1019, or T1020) the employee needs to clock in and out in real time for each code. If the employee uses more than one service code and only one code is an EVV required code, the employee will only use EVV for the EVV mandated code. A caregiver may have several shifts logged for each day if they change EVV required services throughout their shift. The employee will always indicate the appropriate service code on their online time entries or paper timesheet.

A: If issues arise and the employee is unable to clock in or out please call email infoCDWI@consumerdirectcare.com or call 877-785-9991, for a shift adjustment to be made.  It is important that the online time entry or paper timesheet information matches the EVV shift information.

A: Yes, time can be started by the new caregiver using any one of the three options.  The first employee will need to contact Consumer Direct Care Network to adjust the shift so the EVV shift information matches the online time entry or paper timesheet.

A: As long as each employee can log in using their unique ID provided by the state at the time of clock in and clock out, the same device may be used for different employees.

A: Please visit www.consumerdirectwi.com, click on Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Resources page under the Resources tab, select EVV Training Materials, and review the Sandata Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV) materials. The toll-free phone number that shift information is called into is 1-844-772-8379 or 1-855-794-6909. Consumer Direct Care Network’s Company ID is STX 91513.

A: Please visit https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/evv/training-workers.htm and scroll to the Fixed Visit Verification Call Reference Guides and training. The toll-free phone number that the six-digit shift verification number is called into is 1-844-772-8379 or 1-855-794-6909.  Consumer Direct Care Network’s Company ID is STX 91513.